2018 Northwest District Apportionment report as of 4.30.2018

2018 Conference Apportionment Report as of 4.30.2018


2018 Conference & District Apportionments Listed By Church  


Conference Apportionments Formula

(as listed in the 2015 Conference Journal pg. 29F)

"The conference budget is apportioned to the churches based on a percentage which is referred to as a decimal. For 2016, the decimal for each local church will be based on a single expenditure-based factor: three years’ average of the expenses reported in Columns 46 thru 57 less column 56A (Pre-school, Nursery School, After School and Mothers’ Day Out programs) of Statistical Table II as published in the respective years of the Conference Journals 2012, 2013, and 2014. No church’s apportionments shall increase or decrease more than 30%. The Council on Finance and Administration will continue reviewing the decimal formula each year.

Note: Prior to 2013, the applicable Table II columns were 53 thru 62 less 61A."